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Apr. 1st, 2017 10:48 pm
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 Is Meryl being too friendly? Not friendly enough? Do you think there's something I could use work on? 

Do you have a good insult for Vash I can add to my list?

Everything and anything goes here. 
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Action for Vash )

Today you can find Meryl out and about. And very quiet. 

A. In the park kind of just looking at a gun in her hands.

B. Still in the park but now just practising her shooting. She seems rather stiff though, and not that much into it.

C. On the sidewalk somewhere in town. She's following a drone woman around and trying not to look sad. 
D. In the flower store, she's going to get a potted flower. Because it's nice to have plants around the house and they're so rare back home.]
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 This is insane! Do they really think we're just going to go around killing people because they want us to? What is wrong with this place!

[Someone is angry.]

You can't just...go around killing people like that!'s just wrong!

[You can find Meryl in a few places today.

A. Walking down her street.

B. In the park shooting trees in rage.

C. Inside her house just staring at the letter ....alone with the photo's of a certain blonde idiot and a smiling brunette.]

[OOC: Chronologically the thread with [ profile] emptyshrine will be last.]
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[For the past few weeks Meryl has mostly kept to herself, still trying to understand everything that was going on and trying to get used to all the green everywhere. Today you can find her in a few places. 
A. In the park you can find a woman practising her shooting. She's got a few tin cans set up on some rocks and taking aim at them with the gun she got from Nina. She's a very good shot. 

B. In the flower store. She's buying some random flowers for the house. They look nice alright? Even if she doesn't seem like the sort of person who'd like flowers. 
C. Looking at the pool in the rec ...can swim in water? Isn't that a waste?]
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 [Meryl woke up. At first she thought she'd just fallen asleep on the ride with Milly....

....and then she realized she was wearing pyjamas. In a strange bed.

Next to a blonde idiot....? 

I hope you like getting woken up by a pillow to the face. Vash. The pillow also manages to knock over a phone, so the entirety of Mayfield can hear a loud yell of...]


[Luckily that's the gist of it. And after no doubt a few choice words with "someone" Meryl can be found.

A. The front yard, looking at the green grass with something close to wonder. You might hear her muttering something about geoforming.

B. At the store. Just having finished a very LOUD argument with a drone selling guns. Fuming Meryl is fuming.]


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